Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: Simple...go everywhere and make photography fun again

Lab D wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

Lab D wrote:

There is something about it that makes photography fun again. It is a solid tiny camera that does more than many DSLRs.

Would you care to elaborate on what the GM1 can do that many DSLRs can't?

Last time I went to a friend's performance in a theater with DSLR I was turned away. There are may places that I felt uncomfortable walking around with a big DSLR and lens. I hate carrying a giant DSLR bag. With the GM1 I can take it EVERYWHERE because it fits in my jeans pocket. No looking like a Bozo with a DSLR around you neck at parties.

Careful dude, someone may take the bozo comment personally

Now for more that the GM1 does.

SILENT shutter is pefect for quiet setting and shows. And no there is NO rolling shutter when photographing people on stage.


Better video resolution than most DSLRs with CDAF focusing and no noisy lenses.

Better resolution? Other than 4k which is pretty new? Do you have a comparison?

Noisy lenses may have been the case but the new STM lenses are designed for video usage. CDAF I'll give you though I think actually CDAF is a losing technology and the investment is all into on chip PDAF.

Timelapse video without wearing out the shutter. It can take thousands and thousands of shutter actuations for 1 timelapse video.

Hmmm,my 7D has a shutter life of 150,000. How long a time-lapse video do you want to take?

I am sure there is a lot more, but the GM1 is just plain fun to use and like I said addictive.

Very subjective...

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