What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Re: What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Manual focus only... I don't know if I'm the outlier in wishing for a Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro. For a Sony E-mount could be fairly compact (even if FF compatible?) and lightweight (no motor). Put some delicious coatings on the front element. Presto! Good point in this thread about focus peaking, should be a charmer. Seems a perfect candidate for a manual focus lens IMO. And this lens can be splendid for both macro (errr, excuse me maKro) and portraits.

Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro... Thoughts?

Native E-mount lens would be great....but there's always Metabones adapter...

I could use my 85mm 1.4 on e-mount and still get EXIF....I forget about iris though...that may work too.

If they do 85mm first it'll be even longer for a 100 mak I bet, I'd do metabones from Canon in the mean time. Zeiss's are easy resells....don't lose too much in the event they do release an emount 100mm.

Metabones Mark III + Zeiss ZE do provide exif, aperture control and even automatic wide open or stopped down focusing based on Live View config and Metabones operating mode (green or Advanced). Recently rented a distagon 21/2.8 and tested this  with my Metabones Mark III.

But longer the Fl the less size/weight difference there will be with DSLR and E Mount version; if one presumes the optical quality is not compromized and software corrections are not made part of lens design. So a high quality E Mount 100/2 Macro is gonna have way less size advantage than a 55 or 35 mm lens. The already existing 70-200/4 OSS is a good example; it is 1:1 same sized as the DSLR zoom with same speed and focal length.

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