What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Re: It comes from "Internet reasoning"

dbm305 wrote:

Hi Henry

I hope you are right: where does your expectation that they'll be modified zm come from? The thought that it makes sense, or an actual rumor??

And personally I disagree with this reasoning. While the upcoming Zeiss lenses will obviously be based on well-known designs (Sonnar, Distagon...) I do not think we are gonna see "modified ZM" lenses.


- these lenses will have to be very very good optically. At the time Zeiss ZM line was originally designed there was not same level of sharpness etc requirements in place as we have today. Say Zeiss comes out with manual 50ish; it is gonna have to perform between FE 55 and Otus; anything less than that will not do.

- exif (and maybe aperture control like in ZE mount) will put their own requirement on design. Personally I hope they have electronic aperture since it enables automatic wide open or stopped down focusing depending on Live View Setting effect configuration

- we have already seen that many ZM designs perform rather badly on A7(R) due to chief ray angle issues; at least one or two of the upcoming lenses is gonna land in focal length (I expect one 18-24 or so mm distagon and maybe another lens below 50 mm) where there really is not really high-performing (when put in front of Sony sensor) ZM design available. I've seen a lot of beautiful picture taken with WA RF glass + A7(R), but from technical point of view nearly all RF lenses below 35 mm focal length do not perform that well with A7(R) sensor

Zeiss has been bringing out very very good lenses lately; the Touits, 135/2, Otus etc. I Expect them to keep up with this and since they have already done Touits they have very good understanding of E Mount and will bring something optimized purely for that. My proof for this? None, whatsoever. So as much proof as with the lenses being based on ZM lenses

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