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KelvinHammond wrote:

What will the A7s do that a Black Magic Pocket won't do for $700 less?

- 4K with an offboard recorder.  BM only does 1080p.

- 60fps in 1080p and 120 in 720p.  BM only goes up to 30fps.

- Autofocus quickly and accurately with native lenses.  BM autofocus with m43 lenses is terribly slow and inaccurate.

- Give full frame depth of field.  BM uses a Super 16 size sensor, giving approximately a 2.7x crop.

- Tilt screen.

- High resolution EVF. BM doesn't even have EVF.

- XAVCS codec is remarkably efficient and suitable for many applications.

- Take 12mp still images with full frame depth of field characteristics.

- Format the card in the camera (that's right, BMPCC doesn't format in camera!)

- Display record time remaining (nope, BMPCC doesn't do this, either!)

- Go to ISO 12,500 with no noise.  BMPCC is limited to 1600.

The BMPCC is a huge step forward and a massive step back.  The ability to record 1080p in raw with 13 stops of dynamic range is amazing in a pocket sized camera.  But when you can't even format a card in the camera or tell how much record time remains, it does make one wonder.  In some ways, the BMPCC is to the video world what the Sigma DP1 was to the photography world.

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