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Re: The 12-40 is hard to beat!

Lumixdude wrote:

daniel broad wrote:

Zooms used to be the poor choice because the IQ couldn't compare. The 12-40 turns this mantra on its head, arguably the best standard zoom available on any system for any format (Discuss!). As for the 'prime forces you to think' issue, I'm a prime shooter foremost too - but the 12-40 really is a 24, a 35, a 50, a 75 in terms of quality. Hate to admit it, but the weathersealed convenience (UK cities and rain are par for the course, for example!) and minimal weight penalty over a bag of primes make the zoom the 'fit and forget' option. Laziness in composition is only a matter of self discipline.

See that's where I don't have an issue... When I'm feeling more inclined to being lazy and want something I can shove in my pocket my Panasonic LX7 comes first. With step zoom I've got every common lens available from 24mm to 90mm and it'll cycle through them as you press the zoom button... granted the zoom motor is slow as molasses, but it allows me to be completely lazy while being able to think at the same time. When I get a normal zoom lens however I have to kick myself to get out of the habit of just framing with the lens. When you frame with your feet your composition skills actually improve.

Absolute nonsense. One of the advantages of zooming with the lens compared to "zooming" with the feet is the AOV control which you don't have with a single prime lens. In it other words, you can control perspective which in a way, is an important compositional element. So zooming with your feet actually doesn't do any good for your composition skills. On the contrary. It prevents you fron developing better composition skills by eliminating a feature, which a skilled photographer with better knowledge of how to work with a zoom lens, would have used for his benefit.

That doesn't mean to say that one lens is better than another. There are both tools and have different use but if a zoom lens makes you lazy, then you are lazy by nature or simply do not have enough skills to use it correctly.

As for the 12-40 F/2.8 it's a very good lens, I'd have one if I was just starting out again, but I'm not sure that it qualifies as the best lens ever.

That is your opinion. No one said that it is the best lens ever but it is certainly an excellent choice for every photographer who needs a zoom lens and knows what to do with it.

Living in Australia, weather sealing is a non-issue three quarters of the time.

Weather sealing is is an issue everywhare and it has more to do with your photography habits then the place you live.

The real issue with the 12-40 for me is its relative size and weight as compared to some Micro Four Thirds lenses. The reason why I have a PEN and not an OMD is because of the size and weight savings. The 12-40 really starts to go against that as compared to some Micro Four Thirds lenses. It starts to look more like a Four Thirds lens rather than a Micro Four Thirds lens.

Well, now you are becoming lazy.


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