Handheld Twilight Mode with the HX400V

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Stephen McDonald
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Handheld Twilight Mode with the HX400V

This mode seems to work well after sunset, as it has since it was introduced 5 years ago, with the HX1. With several exposures fired rapidly and then combined, the camera makes all the decisions about settings. This opens up picture opportunities, when cameras without the feature would be finished for the day, without using a flash.

These photos were taken from 2 minutes to 7 minutes after sunset. The shot of the bird feeder was taken aiming toward the West, while the others were aimed mostly toward the East. The last three were inside the shaded forest canopy at my house. They are far from being sparkling good, but the point is that you can see what was there. Sometimes, you might have to show them at a smaller than usual size, to cover a lack of sharpness, such as the one of my fidgety cat.

As I use this camera, I realize that its controls and settings are very different from its predecessors. It responds to changes in ISO and EV in its own way and it will take some time to re-learn how to take pictures. No more just setting it in P Mode and maybe doing nothing else but dropping the EV down a notch. Each shot will have to be calculated and set up carefully, to be at its best. I expect I will be bracketing every shot and may take a dozen exposures of something really good, to have a better chance of hitting the right combinations of settings.

Here's a link to a traffic video I shot about 25 minutes before sunset:


Sony HX400V

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