Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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Re: Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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We could end up being prime twins if I go all Oly with the 17 - 45 - 75. If the Panasonic 7~14 has OIS how much does that typically add to a lens?

Lens twins…

The P 7-14mm doesn't have OIS. I don't think it's really not necessary with a lens that wide. I've never had an issue with it.

I think I get the meaning of your double negative 2nd sentence above.

Ooops. Gotta remember to proofread! Correction:

The P 7-14mm doesn't have OIS. I don't think it's necessary with a lens that wide. I've never had an issue with it.

I made a false start in the Oly M-series. I started with the E-M5 with its kit zoom and the P/14, P/20 and the Oly/45. Turned out I really couldn't get comfortable with the E-M5. My clumsy fingers were not getting how to handle the tiny buttons and tight spacing...I was used to much more real estate. It took great pix...absolutely no complaints, but my hand positions caused many unwanted input changes.

Yes, coming from the GH2, when I tried the EM5 I hated it. Too small, cramped controls, sharp angles… just plain uncomfortable to work with. Spending several hundred bucks to add a grip to make it usable isn't a solution, just bad design. I enjoy using tools, of any type, whatever they're for and if they don't feel right, forget it. The EM1 is miles ahead in terms of ergonomics.

The E-M1was the answer to my problem...I compare it to the Canon 1DMKIII...deep menu, great grip, good balance, at 1/3rd the cost and 1/3rd the weight. I was all in when the $200 rebate for the E-M1 body and 12~40/Pro appeared. Traded the M-5/kit combo and have enjoyed the results since.

I could never bring myself to buy a giant, mirrored DSLR. Coming from Nikon SLRs, the size, weight and bulk were an affront! M4/3 is great, yes with compromises, but for me, just the right balance of them. I can even use my Nikon film lenses!

Though I have been a Canonphile since the FTBn era...

FTBn? What's that?

This goes way back...maybe the late '60s.  The entry level Canon SLR was probably an FT...then it was improved and called an FTB...then a minor improvement created the FTBn.  I got in either at the FTB,or the FTBn around 1969 or 1970.  The pro level Canon was the F1...of which there were a few versions.  Canon's bayonet mount later called the FD-series proved to be too small to hank e all the contacts needed in autofocus, image stabilization, etc.  In the late '80s they discontinued the FD lenses and bodies or them. The current EF lenses evolved with the EOS bodies.  I dumped all my Canon gear anticipating the change and went to the Minolta Maxxum 9000 series which eventually became today's Sony dSLR lens more updated.  The Maxxum was a very well thought out system for the time.

And here we are....much of that is top of the head, but a search of the Canon Museum online gives the exact dates and model info.  There were several steps above the FT, EF, AE1, A1, T-series, before they got to the EOS (Electro Optical System) still in use.

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