Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

You're actually deluded if you don't think that 14 megapixel µ4/3 sensors aren't in exactly the same ball park as a Canon 1D or early 5D because the proof is in the pudding whether you want to look at the images or whether you want to look at the DXO Mark scores...

As for the rest, I'm pretty sure you just came here to troll so I'm going to be placing you on my ignore list if I get any more inane social commentary...

And ergonomically... cameras that small are fine... you don't know what you're talking about, µ4/3 is fully mature now and there is nothing wrong with the 14 megapixel sensors that are found in the current range of Olympus and Panasonic cameras.

Maybe if you'd bitched and moaned about 3 years ago about where µ4/3 wasn't going I would have believed you, but you don't have a leg to stand on today. The IQ is quite close... of course there's subtle issues with AF and moving subjects but those will be resolved as on sensor PDAF improves.

When you have a camera that is well and truly better than a film SLR that fits in your pocket, how much more do you really need? This you haven't answered and I do not understand...

I'm curious about these 14MP M43 bodies... Care to point me in their direction?

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