As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

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Re: As of today, Sony has 7 FF cameras

Jabba23 wrote:

OSS would probably help but there are 2 vocal camps both for and against any form of vibration, then there are those that say to ramp up the shutter speed so it all depends on how you use it I guess. Looking at some photographers with their large lenses with no image stabilisation it makes you wonder how they get their shot?

You buy the adaptor once and swap the lens when you need to unless you have money to burn and $400 at a time is nothing to you.

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Darren Krusi

One place where stabilization is very useful is for panning action shots.  There you don't want a short shutter speed - so you get the streaked background.  And one of the primary selling points of the Canon system was all their 'pro' sports / wildlife stabilized lenses.


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