Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: OP is comparing TAMRON vs NIKON lens

scokill wrote:

brianric wrote:

So what you're saying is while my Tamron can keep up with kids running up and down a basketball court but not at walking speeds as being irreverent. Tell you what Sport, I'll put the 24-120/4.0 on the Df and rerun the experiment next year around this time.

You could just test it in extreme low light with the Nikon lens to rule out an issue with the Df Tamron Combo. You could also wait another year.

I have seven Relays left this year, and I will, given the chance, will try that option, as that's what's my camera dealer wants me to do. I normally don't like changing lenses in the field, and last Friday night was raining when I went out to my car to swap cameras. I actually prefer the 24-120/4.0 VR because of the reach, but went with the 24-70/2.8 because I initially planned on available light until I saw how dim the rec center was. I don't remember it being as dark last year. I would love to try it at a black tie event this Saturday night for American Cancer Society, except it is a very important event, so the D800 will be used because of the dual card slots. I don't mind playing around with Relays, but no way on the Gala event.

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