Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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Re: Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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You might want to keep the M.Zuiko 7-14/2.8 Pro

The announcement by Olympus for the 7-14mm f2.8 mentioned "sometime in 2015". So, we're talking a year, at the least, before it's available. I'm quite happy with my current 7-14mm, so I can wait.

Thanks, all I saw was a pic of it and a 300...guess I better come up with Plan B. Surprised they announced it that far in advance.

Oly pre-announced the 40-150mm f2.8 earlier and there's still nothing more specific about a final announcement other than "2015". Same for the 300mm f4.

Plan B, indeed! The 7-14mm was the first "extra" lens i bought for my GH2 3 years ago. It's indispensable! The Oly f2.8 could be great, but I'll see if it'll be worth upgrading. Of course that depends on the price. But, I think it should be fairly easy to sell my 7-14mm f4 if the 7-14mm f2.8 stacks up and is substantially better.

Plan B might now be the 17 - 45 & 75 primes and just the 12-40 as the multipurpose. … I might consider a 5th next year if I find that I need more than 12mm. My 24/1.4L sits unloved a lot because of the 3 zooms from 16-105 and the 35. I would guess the 7-14 would be at least $1200. If so, I would really have to prove to myself that I need it. Though I expect a lot of distortion issues might be resolved in the E-M1 in camera...that would be nice.

My main lenses have boiled down to the 7-14mm, 17.5mm, 42.5mm and 75mm, which do pretty much everything I need, except for a long telephoto and a macro for critters and things.

Since the Panasonic 7-14mm f4 lists for $1100, I'd suspect the faster Oly 7-14mm f2.8 would probably be at least $1500, if not more. Let's hope they surprise us!

We could end up being prime twins if I go all Oly with the 17 - 45 - 75. If the Panasonic 7~14 has OIS how much does that typically add to a lens?

Lens twins…

The P 7-14mm doesn't have OIS. I don't think it's really not necessary with a lens that wide. I've never had an issue with it.

I think I get the meaning of your double negative 2nd sentence above. Though one of the features that attracted me to Oly was the 5-axis every lens gets stabilization.  I gather that is coming to Panasonic...if I understand some posts here.   It really has allowed me to shoot at far  slower shutter speeds than previously with FF bodies.  Though anything at or below 35mm was pretty easy to apply the 1/focal length rule of thumb to.  IBIS just adds an exponential factor to the old rule.

I made a false start in the Oly M-series.    I started with the E-M5 with its kit zoom and the P/14, P/20 and the Oly/45. Turned out I really couldn't get comfortable with the E-M5.  My clumsy fingers were not getting how to handle the tiny buttons and tight spacing...I was used to much more real estate.  It took great pix...absolutely no complaints, but my hand positions caused many unwanted input  changes.  The E-M1was the answer to my problem...I compare it to the Canon 1DMKIII...deep menu, great grip, good balance, at 1/3rd the cost and 1/3rd the weight.  I was all  in when  the $200 rebate for the E-M1 body and 12~40/Pro appeared. Traded the M-5/kit combo and have enjoyed the results since.

Though I have been a Canonphile since the FTBn era...and later became a Canon dealer...we also sold Oly.  Had I not been so heavily invested in Canon gear..Oly would have been my choice, if I was starting from scratch.

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