What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Re: What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

dbm305 wrote:

Hi Henry

I hope you are right: where does your expectation that they'll be modified zm come from? The thought that it makes sense, or an actual rumor??

Both actually - ZM lenses were created for mirrorless range-finder cameras and they take advantage of not having a mirror in the path of the lens, enabling very compact WA lens designs.

The thoughts about the non-retrofocal Biogon and the (mirrorless) retrofocal Distagon designs are that they were optimized for an exit pupil that is very close to the sensor. This actually made sense for film, as film likes to be agitated under an angle. With film, center sharpness was an issue.

Now, with digital sensors this is reversed. When they push the exit pupil forward, they may have to make the lens more retrofocal, which could lead to optical correction formulas, or a shift towards Distagon designs. The alternative is to go with Sonnar or Planar designs, but I see no reason to give up on the Biogons and Distagons yet.

By their own nature, Biogons and Distagons are among the sharpest rectalinear wide-angle lenses that exist.

Expect Touit-like quality.

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