How to actually display and enjoy your old photos ?

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Re: Old Photos: the real options

Many, many years ago in the dark ages of print photos I used albums of many sizes and types.  I know they are stored somewhere but where. Then came into being 35mm transparencies, some were glass mounted and some were left in cardboard mounts but all were loaded into 100 slot circular projector drums.  All labelled drums were stored on a shelf.  To set up the projector and 60" screen really was a drag. I don't believe any of these slides were viewed more than once.

Enter the digital age where number of shots went from 8 shot roll film to 36 for 35mm to as many as you can press the shutter button for.  Each annual trip I return home with thousands all pressed into 4 and 8 gig SD cards.  Picasa is your friend.  All are organized in folders by year and each year by subject.  Only the good survive for post processing which usually means less than half.  The delete button is your friend.

Now I can call up any photo in a flash and often do. I cannot envision a better photo management and viewing system.  This all depends on a good desktop system with a better than good screen of at least 24".  With 2 backups there is zero possible loss.  When I pass on they can all go up in the cloud with me, or not. 

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