What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Re: The question is: ZE, ZM or new designs?

dbm305 wrote:

What interests me is whether these will be new designs for FE mount.

They could be the DSLR Ze/Zf etc series with a new mount; which would be fine (some lovely lenses) but loses a chance to make them a bit smaller (if that's possible without loss of quality)

They could also be ZM lenses with a new mount. Which is likely less fine, as at least the wide ones will have corner issues.

The best thing would be new designs that get some of the compactness of the ZM series while perhaps being a little less close to the sensor plane and avoiding the resultant problems.

Sadly I think this is least likely: it would be a huge commitment. But we can but hope!

I don't think so at all. The ZM lenses are already good - distagons are fine except for a bit of colour shift in the ultra wides. Just a bit of tweak and you're done! This is actually the shortest and easiest path!

The distance between a Zeiss in one mount and the same Zeiss in another mount is very short - they have their formulas down to a science. We will see distagons or planars or tessars, but designed for the register that we have on the A7. So I would think they start with ZM (not biogon) and tweak it a bit to work well with the A7.

Of course we might get both; say one new design and a few of the old ones remounted...

As for ZF designs, those are specific to DSLR and I don't think they'll merely adapt them - that could have been done yesterday in a flash. And there would be little point.

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