Panasonic G5 or GX1 as secondary camera?

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Panasonic G5 or GX1 as secondary camera?

I own a G6, along with the Olympus 12, 25, 45mm lenses, and Panasonic's 14-140 II and 100-300. I love my G6, but I've experienced times when the 14-140 II was on the camera and I thought "man I wish had a prime on the camera to get the extra DOF", or I've had a prime on and though "I wish I had more reach to get that photo".

This has led me to looking at picking up a second body, so that the zooms can be mounted on the G6, and the secondary camera can have a prime on it. Since this is a secondary camera, I don't want to spend too much (the GX7 is the obvious choice, with IBIS and a faster shutter). I would LOVE to get another a G6, but at the moment they're still too much money new, and there aren't that many out there used. This lead me to look at the G5 and GX1.

It's my understanding that the sensor in the GX1 is the same one from the G3, but the G5 sensor is the same one in the GH2 and G6. Looking at sensor scores on DXO comparing the GX1, G5, and G6 (link), it's no surprise that the G5 and G6 scores essentially fall on top of one another. What is interesting though is that the GX1 scores better in the ISO test than either the G5 or G6. A couple questions I have about the cameras are:

- Is the GX1 actually better at higher ISO's, and if so, how much?

- Is there actually a noticeable difference in the other scores listed (color portrait difference of 0.6 from GX1 to G5, and dynamic range difference of 1.0 EV from GX1 to G5, with the G5 being slightly better)?

- Is the GX1's rear LCD bright enough to be used outdoors in sunny conditions, or do I need to LVF2 EVF to be able to use the camera effectively outdoors?

- Is the difference in the screen resolution of the GX1 (460k) quite noticeable compared to the G5's (920k)?

Thank you for your help!

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