What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

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Re: What are Zeiss manual lenses? Looks like they're coming for FE mount

Alohaman wrote:

I have a Zeiss 50mm f/2.0 T* Planar ZM lens for my NEX 7. Some (Steve Huff) say this Zeiss is "almost" as good as the Leica 50mm f/2.0 Summicron, but at about 1/3 the price. It's manual focus and has no stabilization. But it's FF and very small. With an adapter (M to E mount) it will fit on both APS-C and FF Sonys. Good enough for me!

These are expected to be modified ZM mount wide-angle Distagon and Biogon (the most problematic) RF lenses, not the larger ZE or ZF lenses.

During the pre-launch days of the A7, the ray-inclination induced magenta shift issues were noted, and Zeiss recognized that, rather than calling defeat on the WA ZM RF lenses, they would get a better response by announced a modified ZM line-up that would overcome the (digital) sensor issues by pushing the rear exit pupil forward. (It doesn't need that much, but it requires complete lens re-design).

I think that at Zeiss they were patiently watching A7/r sales numbers, customer responses, and appreciation of the $1k ZM RF lenses in this market segment, and that they are now fully committing to seeing these modified ZM lenses mature.

These new lenses will not be as compact as the (WA) ZM lenses, but they will still be much smaller than DSLR optimized lenses (that must clear the mirror box).

By reputation, ZM lenses are spectacular, and would mate well with the A7 series cameras.

There are many lingering questions: ZM lenses are mechanical - will newer lenses be electronically coupled (at least for EXIF and lens information) and if so, will optical correction profiles be included in lens design (and will this hold up for video, even on a tripod). And of-course, would there be an interest in such lenses for APS-C cameras by Sony and other FF mirrorless cameras as they mature?

I have the ZM35/2.0 on the A7. It softens a tad at the edges wide open, and is much worse on the A7r. But the center is spectacular, and stopped down this lens is rather amazing.

I would expect updates for their 15mm to 35mm ZM series:

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