Disapointed in my Df.

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OP is comparing TAMRON vs NIKON lens

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I was shooting a Relay for Life last night to 6 AM this morning at a local college and decided to use my Df. I had it set up for flash, AF-C single point, center point, focus priority. The Df struggled to lock focus in what I would consider in light, while low, not all that bad. I had to switch to AF-S, and the red AF-assist illuminator in order to lock focus. When I had a small break in the action I replaced the Df with my D800. With the same initial setup the D800 nailed the focus instantaneously 100% of the time.

I have been thrilled with the low light performance of the Df, both in image quality and focusing. I have had some hunting with extreme low light, but also found it a function of what lens I'm using.

OP, can you inform what lens you used on the Df and the D800? I assume you used the same lens on the camera to camera comparison?

It's not surprising that the D800 has a stronger AF system than the D800. They are different cameras for different uses. Do I wish I had the D800 AF system? sure. Do I wish I had the D800? no. If i did i would have bought it. The Df was the right camera for me, but not for everybody.

Df had Tamron 24-70/2.8 VC
D800 had Nikkor 24-120/4.0 VR.

It may be the Tamron. I've used the Tamron on the DF shooting grammar school basketball, had no problems, but camera had focus priority set to release on basketball games versus focus on the Relays, and I'm shooting a burst of five to ten shots at a time.

Not Df vs D800

what an irrelevant test

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