How about a dose of reality on the A7s: This great hands-on blog is exciting

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Re: How about a dose of reality on the A7s: This great hands-on blog is exciting

LifeIsAVerb wrote:


Once the camera is actually released, we'll start to see some complete, objective, balanced evaluations of the camera. Until then, we'll have the usual mix of mostly uniformed prediction and assumption, anticipatory wishing, and limited snippets of first-user experiences.

As with any other bit of technology a camera represents a series of compromises and tradeoffs. Between gushing greatest-thing-sinced-sliced-bread praise and dismissive, knee-jerk criticism, there's the reality: Many useful features, and as many issues, depending on the photographer/videographer's intended use.

More doses of reality:

4k output is only 8 bit compared to 10 for the GH4.

With S-Log the whole dynamic range will fit fine within 8 bits - and given the massive pixels compared with the GH4, those highlights and shadows should be much cleaner

Less-than-ideal, consumer codec.

50 MB is double the data rate of AVCHD - Sony is pretty good at squeezing data into small packages.

Same NP-50 battery. For a day's work, you'll need a pocket full of them, or a larger, external battery.

That is certainly an issue - a compact battery for when you are using it "naked" as a stills camera, but a battery grip for video looks like an essential extra.

More importantly, no external recorder, no 4k. So, plan on about another $2,000 for that. And more for a rig to hold it. (And more, still, if you want an interface for stuff like XLR mic inputs.)

At this point, we still don't have a full frame camera (except maybe the uber expensive Canon 1DC) that produces clean crisp detailed artefact-free genuine 1080p. A camera that does this for under the price of a 5D mkIII (plus 120 fps 720p!) is a definite advance. Like the Canon C300, the benefit of a 4K sensor for producing clean 2K is actually the point. 4K is more to do with future-proofing.


(Maybe there will be less expensive versions.)

Sure, there's a similar list of compelling features, and with what the camera offers, it will be the right tool for some people. Just hold the unicorns and rainbows.


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