Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

yonsarh wrote:

I used to have dslr and it was heavy was sitting on drawer for a long time, so I decided to sell it move onto mirrorlesssystems. I did quite a search around it,before I buy other m43 cameras, but found that GM1 is best suitable for my needs. Not just size and picture quality, but the pros about gm1 is there are lot of selection of lenses I can use. personally, I am bored of dslr. I am now in transition of pana-olym .

Now the problem is I don't have lens yet I do have older nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens used on film cameras and I might use this lens for a while with an adapter. I know 20mm f1.7 has some serious good sharpness quality and maybe this is the lens I will get. I do have one in my mind. What is the cheapest and most valuable lens for the m43 lens? doesn't matter if it's m.zuiko or lumix lens...

The trouble with moving a sensor size is that all lenses owned for a larger sensor format, with reservations, can be used, but moving the other way is far more restricting. I also have come to the GM1 and to best advantage

(above = stupid uncorrectable dpreview text editor)

.... the camera welcomes M4/3 or RF lenses. As I intend keeping this delightful little camera forever buying dedicated M4/3 lenses is no real problem.

Once upon a time new cameras offered constant technical improvement and moving camera body hosts and forsaking the predecessor was what one did. But I am no longer sure. A Canon 5D and a GM1 make a lot more sense than a Canon 5DIII and a scrapped 5D.

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