X-E1 vs X-M1 for novice

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Re: X-E1 vs X-M1 for novice

Thank you for all your replies. I know it's been some time, but I wanted to learn a bit more before making a buy. To do this I decided to watch an introductory class by John Greengo, which is very good. He is experienced at photography and teaching, and does a fantastic job at it.

Unfortunately, learning more also raised a few questions, and I was hoping the knowledgeable people here could help.

I heard on a youtube video that the histogram on fuji doesn't accurately display in manual. I have some trouble understanding this. When I set my p&s to manual and have an incorrect shutter, this is clear on the histogram, and each change in a stop will be reflected on it. Is this not how a Fuji works? (the video 22:40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOaw-93F-wo . If the histogram in Fuji doesn't work right, it might not be the right one for an amateur anyway.

I've read somewhere that to get the most out of the dynamic range processing (something about color?), you need to use 200 iso+. Is this the case?  How does this effect trying to shoot wide aperture in bright light?

Are there any type of lens it would be worth giving up the X mount support for?  Would a macro be good, as you don't the AF, but the IS might be useful.  Macro is probably the last lens I would get though.

Do you guys use UV filters for protection?  If you do, could you say when you take them off to shoot?  The two potential times I can think of is to avoid glare from lights, and times you want to see reflections in the water of trees/sky etc.

I'm basically leaning towards Fuji because it should be able to get shallower depth of field, and low light performance.  The company is also better regarded in build quality than almost any other out there.  However these factors may mean very little in practice.  Are there any Fuji owners who also have a M4/3?  How do they compare in the high iso/depth of field departments?

I'm just trying to consider all the angles before buying a camera.

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