Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

Zensu11 wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

misolo wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

As for the rest, I'm pretty sure you just came here to troll so I'm going to be placing you on my ignore list if I get any more inane social commentary...

So you're answer to the question "Would you care to elaborate on what the GM1 can do that many DSLRs can't?" is to first not answer the question and then accuse me of trolling when I react negatively to your almost completely pointless response.

Feel free to add me to your ignore list, it's pretty clear than you add no value to this conversation so I'd not want you to bother reading anything I say.

In addition to size and weight (which are not trivial matters) I already gave another answer to your question: fast and exact focus, as long as you're not tracking movement. The annoyance and unreliability of AF micro-adjustment is one reason I find myself sometimes reaching for my GX7 when my 5DIII would otherwise be a better choice. Movement tracking will eventually be solved with on-sensor PDAF pixels and statistical analysis of the image blur -- see EM1 and GH4. But, again, this conversation is silly: yes, image quality differences are irrelevant for all practical purposes for almost everyone and, no, neither can fully replace the other for all uses.

With respect, Lumixdude is the one that seems to have a reading comprehension issue. I've found your responses reasoned and reasonable.

Anyway, as I said elsewhere in this thread, the weight issue is a matter of preference. I would far prefer to carry a 7D/400L around all weekend than any m4/3 camera because it's better for my use.

AF micro adjust I've only ever used on a Sigma lens. The 400L and 70-200L I use are spot on out of the box. What are you using that needs adjustment?

For me to consider switching back to m4/3 I would need:

  1. AF performance equivalent to a 7D or 1D mk III,
  2. Handling equivalent to the 7D - ergonomics and usability,
  3. IQ that I can see is equivalent to the 7D or better
  4. Price to come down. The price of the top of the line Olympus is ridiculous. I could get two 7Ds or a 5D mk III for not much more and have something that far better suits my needs.

Once that happens then I may be a customer...

I'm not disputing your points but why are you in the Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum?

Maybe I can answer that. DPreview has a list of most active threads and this thread appeared therein. That is how I often find these interesting, active threads. Otherwise, the option may be posting in 'What camera strap should I get?' or "Should I buy a zoom lens?" or other scintillating topics.

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