Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

Lumixdude wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

As for the rest, I'm pretty sure you just came here to troll so I'm going to be placing you on my ignore list if I get any more inane social commentary...

So you're answer to the question "Would you care to elaborate on what the GM1 can do that many DSLRs can't?" is to first not answer the question and then accuse me of trolling when I react negatively to your almost completely pointless response.

Feel free to add me to your ignore list, it's pretty clear than you add no value to this conversation so I'd not want you to bother reading anything I say.

I answered your question, I stated it can't fit in your pocket and then I stated the law of diminishing returns, and then I stated you have an expensive camera and that you don't have a lot of short lenses so you're not taking full advantage of what you have anyway.

This I cannot make any clear.

The GM1 as with other µ4/3 cameras have there limitations obviously, I'm not living in fairy land here. I am a realist, but I am also aware of how very good Micro Four Thirds now is as a standard.

I then countered your question

I stated saying yes it can't be a 7D, however it can do just about as well as a 1D MKIII and get close enough to a 5D MKI in most tasks that it's really not funny AND on those grounds it's a really good camera that produces really good images when you take into account its limitations.

I then stated a straight forward question.

IF it can do all of this and come pretty close to cameras that are well and truly beyond what the majority of people are using, then why does it need to do something that your 7D does anyway?

Maybe because he needs a camera that can do what a 7D can do, and one that can't doesn't handle what he needs? Which is very reasonable, every camera has its optimal uses and users. Certainly a 7D isn't the camera for everyone, or even for most people since it's a specialized camera.

I then stated

There is a very real concept that should exist in the heads of any reasonably intelligent person called the law of diminishing returns.

Perhaps you should look up this concept called the law of diminishing returns.

It's why most people don't waste money on expensive crap they don't actually need. It's not my fault though if I cannot get through to you and you decide to spend excessive amounts of money on things you may not otherwise need.

So what CAN'T the 7D do... It can't be lugged around all day without it soon appearing as though to be a boat anchor, and no I'm not rich enough to have a camera sherpa either.

I have a 7D, had to buy it used, and I GUARANTEE that I'm not rich enough even to buy a comparable camera brand new. One doesn't have to be rich to buy a suitable camera. Well maybe not, I'll be a three year old Panny M4/3 would be a bargain to buy now. (And I think Panny makes really good stuff BTW.)

As for '... without it soon appearing as though to be a boat anchor...' Well that is a pretty subjective analysis. I have a 7D and nobody ever made any such comment to me. Or to this young man (Lee Jay's 8 year old son) who carried this Canon all day. Now whether someone wants to carry a larger heavier camera setup is surely up to them, but 'looking like a boat anchor' isn't exactly objective. This eight year old muscle-man was up to the task without a whimper, per his proud dad:

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