why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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Re: why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

evilatwill wrote:

I am a marketing professor who has studied consumer behavior for over 30 years. Negative forum behavior is not unexpected. When a person has invested a considerable amount of money and time in a product, such as a camera, they often feel some level of post-purchase dissonance or buyers' remorse. This uneasy feeling comes from the mismatch between behavior (I bought an expensive camera) and attitudes (there are lots of great cameras out there, and I committed to one that may not be the best on everything). We do not like this mismatch, so we strive to improve the attitudes toward our new product.

This unease is relieved by seeking supportive information (reading only positive reviews, etc.). Another way people relieve this dissonance is to read and post on forums. Because forums are free in content, the dissonant owner may get exactly the opposite of what they seek. In other words, they want others to tell them they bought the perfect camera and instead they sometimes encounter someone confirming their fears by suggesting (even quite nicely) that they did not buy the ideal camera. This leads to higher dissonance, stress, and sometimes inconsiderate posts. Rival brand owners, each with dissonance, is a recipe for unpleasantness. Having forums separated by brand/model helps all of this until owners of competitive brands cross the DMZ.

Positive posts on forums are often made to allay feelings of dissonance. Crafting a positive post regarding your recently purchased camera actually makes you feel better. Therefore, be careful giving too much credence to the really happy posters. You may be getting purchase advice from someone who is actually feeling a bit iffy regarding the wisdom of their own purchase. "Selling" a similar camera to you makes them feel better.

All of this is further elevated by self-concept effects where we incorporate what we own into our extended sense of self. Thus, an attack on a camera is an attack on the self.

Negative behavior will happen in forums because dissonance is most likely to occur in situations where prices are significant, the consumer has many fine choices in a product category making a choice difficult. This certainly characterizes the camera market today.

I agree nice post.

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