Exposure metering.

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I don't want to return this camera.

I love this camera but i think that a small software update can improve it.

It much easier to recompose and shoot from the same button (shutter button) instead of using 2 different button with 2 different fingers for that.

I must say I am a total loss as to why you think this is so complicated. I know very few photographers that don't move the focus control to a separate button. Many articles I read by various well known professional photographers indicate they shoot this way. Canon and Nikon have both offered this feature for years. I researched the X-T1 before buying it. Had it not had the capability, I would not have bought it. It's that important to me.

On the X-T1, your thumb almost rests on the AF-L button. You just slide your thumb up and slightly right, press the AF-L button to allow the camera to focus. You can then release the button. The camera will hold that focus adjustment for as many exposures as you care to make.

After acquiring focus, recompose and shoot. You can even recompose, meter the subject and hold a half press while recomposing one more time for the actual exposure. This is what I do for spot metered exposures.


If no mistake, Ken Rockwell advices using always MF and AF with AF-L knob. But with EVF you always have the AF confirm with the green frame. With X100s, I did not find any AF confirm when using OVF. I can only look at the distance scale at the bottom of the VF. More: in this mode, you can't change the size of AF frame, and I think also AF is slower than in AF-s.

You are right about the focus box size not being adjustable using this method. I wish it was. I have not noticed any difference in focus speed with the X-T1 between the two methods.

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