why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

Started Apr 7, 2014 | Discussions thread
nevercat Veteran Member • Posts: 3,193
Because this is a gear forum and not a moral forum

And because people are taking this forum way to serious. Some people realy think when 10 posters here say they need a xxmm lens that everybody wants that lens... when someone do not agree with them, they get mad.

Then there are people who  think that there camera is the best and from that point of view they have the right to insult othrr people who dissagree with them. It is almost like in a religion, where you have the right to kill the people who do not believe what you believe...

But most of all people get rude just because they are so insecure about their camera choice that they have to tell everybody here that Sony cameras are crap and their brand is way better. They like to use words like the worst, terrible, very bad, etc... These words make others react in not the niced ways...

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