Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

Midwest wrote:

It's all a matter of what someone needs, and if they prefer m4/3 or a DSLR or mirrorless all comes down to what will do the job for them, and that is up to the user.

Of course, which is why you can't come at it from a perspective that any particular standard is terrible because it doesn't do X, Y and Z. Otherwise you come up with all kinds of strange ideas such as one that I mentioned. Full Frame is terrible because I can't fit it in my pocket, or at least walk around all day with a full frame camera because it's annoying.

I have my own grievances with Micro Four Thirds and always wanting to go wider... I shoot landscapes, street photography and environmental portraits. Due to the crop factor extreme wide angle lenses like the Panasonic 7-14mm are beyond being extravagant in terms of what you get for the money $1000+ for a non pro lens is actually ludicrous, but, you weigh it up...

Carrying a Full Frame camera up a mountain when your hiking isn't exactly the best idea in the world, nor is the very narrow depth of field that Full Frame cameras have for the aperture setting you're working with. Having to stop down beyond F/8 to achieve a wide depth of field to capture everything in your frame to infinity isn't exactly the best for what I do with a camera either.

If you're talking in terms of full frame and what it can't do, Full Frame is not particularly brilliant for giving you options in terms of aperture when you're doing landscape photography, it's also not particularly brilliant when it comes to actually carrying around a camera as well.

There are a lot of people who say "your camera is small so it's just a toy." this kind of mentality is complete and utter nonsense.... I carry a PEN rangefinder style camera for fairly specific reasons that are obvious to the above. If I didn't have a PEN I'd probably have bought a Fuji X Pro, but Fuji at present has even more auto focus issues than Olympus and I'm not a fan of Fuji's overly agressive noise reduction which you cant turn off.

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