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Re: EP5 shutter shock problem?

Paulmorgan wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Paulmorgan wrote:

photofan1986 wrote:

3) The problem really exists and occurs in certain circumstances, but many people are not critic enough (or blind) to notice.

Haha, classic.

Some get it, some dont, those that dont get it are not blind, they have simply adapted to M4/3 better.

Its a bit like the TTL flash, some will never be able to use it effectively and without problems, others will have no problems at all.

Apparently you didn't notice, but just a week ago, Olympus provided additional evidence that photofan1986 is right. Here's what Olympus write about their new "zero-second antishock":

"When shutter speed is 1/320 or less, the first shutter curtain is switched from mechanical to electronic to reduce blur caused by shutter impact."


I did notice.

Simply because features are added, it does not necessarily mean there is a problem for us all.

What Olympus says holds true regardless of who uses the camera. Switching the first shutter curtain from mechanical to electronic reduces blur caused by shutter impact. What counts as a problem, however, is subjective.

There have been mirror lock features in cameras for years and anti shock features in 4/3 cameras, just because these features are there it does not mean we all have problems and need them all of the time.

Noone has claimed that we need them all of the time.

Infact I`ve never ever set a mirror lock or anti shock delay in any camera ever.

That does not demonstrate that it wouldn't have improved some of your images. Since you say you have never used either of these features, it follows that you have never tested their impact.

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