How about a dose of reality on the A7s: This great hands-on blog is exciting

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taking video to get stills is not a simple topic

ProfHankD wrote: ...4K video is essentially 8MP in each frame. Even if you don't care about 4K video right now, a 4K frame grab can be good enough for many commercial uses as a still.Think taking stills at 60FPS in low light might be cool?

Have put a lot of thought into the workflow of taking 8-megapixel-frame videos in the field, and then in post-processing, pick out the stills from the video. Would agree that it will be cool, some percentage of the time.

As a side note, would be nicer for still photographers if the new Sony A7s could record a stream of full 12 megapixel video frames, in the 4:3 aspect ratio, rather than being confined to the 16:9 aspect ratio in video modes. My own wish is for a square format still camera that never needs to be rotated, meaning am not looking forward to an even less-square stills format.

Anyway, if you take video in the field, with no stills, in order to pick out stills later, my hunch is that you are going to lose of the observational acuity and framing excellence of a still photographer. Unless you have a workflow and capability where you just leave the camera video rolling, and punch out a still photo whenever you press the stills shutter button.

Now marking still frames in the field would indeed be the best of all worlds. Because you're still acutely distilling out still scenes from the environment, with the wonderful backup of zillions of nearly-same images captured that surround the frames you marked.

But would not be enthusiastic on relying a straight videography workflow to produce nearly as nice still images as would a camera that is freezing out still frames in the field. For a host of psychological and technical reasons that it would be fun to discuss further if anyone is interested.

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