Odd lens flare with the 10-18 zoom

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Re: Odd lens flare with the 10-18 zoom

uhligfd wrote:

abdoozy wrote:

This was shot at 10mm. The sunburst looked cool in the viewfinder. On the monitor, not so much. Was this a function of the lens being at f/22, the fact that the lens had a filter onboard (albeit a good quality Marumi lens protector), or should I just expect this kind of odd flare artifacts when shooting a UWA directly into the sun?

Some of those flare dots are downright bizarre.. they look like donuts. Or condoms

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To learn more about such flare pattern you should invest the $ 50 it takes to purchase a pinhole cover for the NEX. Then you would see wild flares in any color if you shoot into the sun. These are at f/150 or smaller and then this effect becomes even more prevalent.

Otherwise: Go and learn NOT to use f/22 into the sun; and do clean your lenses and sensor every once in a while.

But I am serious about those pinhole covers, the cheapest new lens you can buy,so try one and learn.

Hmm. Galen Rowell recommended shooting at F22 for sun stars.  What is the authority for your comment ?

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