Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

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I've read a lot of fellows on here bragging about how good the AF is on the D6x0s and the Df. But in reality it's a second tier AF. It has to show up somewhere coming up short compared to D4s, D800s, D700s.

And yet, knowing how to properly manual focus wins 100% of the time!

Ever been at a Relay for Life? Manual focus not going to help you shooting people moving on a track wat walking speeds.

Your best method for that is called the zone focus method.

  1. You need to close down the aperture to increase the DOF
  2. Set the lens focus to either a distance on the lens that you want to capture or focus on a stationary point at that distance.
  3. Wait until the subject enters the "zone" and snap the shot.

It takes practice to do this, but you will get better at it and it is also a good technique for getting candid street shots.

And get 50 good shots instead of the 336 shots that I actually got by switching to the D800.

That's exactly the point. 50 GOOD shots. Of the 336 shots you got, I'd guess no more than 50 are good. With zone focusing you don't feel so rushed to get every shot, so you actually wait until the right moment when something new or exciting is happening.

Which brings me to my next point: How many interesting photos can you really get -- or would you really need -- from one indoor charity stroll?

Just my two cents. Thank you.


I shoot sunny 16, manual focus and I very rarely have issues with exposure or focus. Honestly, I will keep a shot that is slightly soft too, if it's a good shot. The moment is what matters...not the execution. I feel like adjusting your settings manually as the lighting changes frees up a lot of worry. I can just shoot and not be concerned whether or not the meter got the right settings. I know it's right. I also know that when shooting RAW I have a 2 stop tolerance on either side. I tend to shoot a little over exposed to get more detail and less noise...but honestly...it doesn't really matter anymore. Spot on metering is no longer needed since RAW files have so much range. As for focusing. If I need to be less accurate I will shoot at f/5.6 and get a good separation and also enough DOF that it's hard to miss. But, I've shot in near darkness at f/1.4 and still nailed focus on most of my shots.

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