why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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Re: why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

LifeIsAVerb wrote:

I've mostly avoided most of the forum threads here lately, because there's so much mis- or incomplete information, speculation, assumption to wade through to eventually arrive at some useful truth. There's usually better, more objective information elsewhere.

Here's an example (don't mean to pick on this in particular, but it's representative):

"My a7R does not suffer from shutter shock and the focusing is fine."

At best, an incomplete statement, and one that doesn't add anything to the collective body of knowledge. (Full disclosure, i don't own the camera.)

Shutter-induced vibrations are well documented by numerous experienced photographers. It's a real, not imagined phenomenon.

The problem manifests more under certain conditions—certain shutter speeds, with longer lenses, even camera orientation. If one doesn't use the camera under these conditions, one isn't likely to encounter the problem.

Based on existing objective information, there's no reason to believe that all a7Rs wouldn't have this problem, if used under the conditions that magnify or exacerbate the effect. So, it's objectively inaccurate to say "My camera doesn't do this" unless one has tested it under those conditions, and, in this case, there's no indication that's the case.

Same with focusing. For some uses and users, the focusing may be accurate for their intended uses, for others, not. It's not that the focusing is "good" or "bad," it's that it's suitable for some uses and situations, and not ideal for others.

When people get into spitting matches based on these kinds of lazy, general, blanket statements, then it quickly becomes about ego, and who is "right." Thread after thread is like this, and it makes the forum tedious and silly.

The problem cuts many ways but the basic problem is phrasing.

Too many people write "X is terrible" when what they mean is "I don't like X".  Or "X does not Y" when they mean "I have not experienced X do Y".  The people who invite controversy and robust responses generally use the former style of writing, the ones who use the latter almost never get the same kind of responses.  And then there are the trolls who intentionally use the former phrasing deliberately...

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