thanks nikon for great service!

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seems like uneven service to me

You got great service but based on what you say its pretty uneven and unnecessary treatment.

1. You sent it in on 3 spots...just 3.

2. They took a camera with 3 spots and somehow broke it.

3. You needed the camera for events (as does anyone else actually) and get a free upgrade.

There have been far more frustrated owners I believe that never got the replacement they might have deserved with actual issues to remedy. And *everyone* has pictures to take IMO...that is why they buy a camera. But glad that Easter and a newborn seems to do the trick.

If Nikon had to give a D610 to anyone who has 3 spots on the camera after they break it during repair, they would be out of business. The best service would have been to be a bit faster in damage control so situations like this do not happen...they can't afford to give service like this all the time.

Based on what I've seen of D610 sensors 3 spots is actually just as good if not *better* than norm and there is no guarantee your shutter replacement actually gets you better than that.  In fact if you start getting more than 3 spots form now on, will you wait a bit and try to nab a D620?  Seems disingenuous to have sent in a camera to replace its shutter on 3 spots when even the D610 can easily have more than 3 spots, and prior to important events where you needed the camera in the first place.  Somewhere down the road there will be a line drawn based on feasibility and finances and your 'great-service' will be the tax others pay.

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