Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: May I ask ..

tt321 wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

Which dSLR brand and model you had. I am curious why it was no fun to use it after all.

Thank you,

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- sergey

To the type of person who needs a GM1, almost all DSLRs plus DSLR-like cameras such as the E-M1, GH3 etc. could be no fun to use and end up sitting in the drawer. I fail to see why you want to investigate further.

This is one thing no SLR format will compete with.

To each his/her own; if a person wants to switch to a different type of camera to enjoy shooting photos then I say go for it.

And unlike some, I would not try and argue that person's choice is a 'dinosaur' or some other negative thing just because it's not my choice of camera or brand. What works for one doesn't always work for another. What keeps me interested in my choice is knowing that it works well for my kind of shooting, but others may need something entirely different. It's no skin off my nose if they prefer mirrorless or an EVF or a smaller camera or a different brand. They aren't spending my money on it.

To the OP - enjoy your new camera and I hope you get some great shots with it.

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