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Re: Just the facts, man, just the facts.....

photohounds wrote:

If you use a too-light or poor quality tripod, QR, or do not bolt it all together securely? Yes it IS user error.

That's not an answer to the question I asked. So let me repeat it:

Can the user be blamed for holding the camera wrongly even when he/she doesn't hold the camera?

Let me add another question:

Those two tests show that images shot with an electronic first curtain shutter are sharper than those shot with a purely mechanical shutter. Why is that?

I also wonder if increasing lens sharpness makes visible that which was not before. Anyway, show me one of mine (as I KNOW the test conditions) where this is visible. I described my methodology in the OP,

Your methods are inappropriate in a large number of ways. They are also insufficiently as well as incorrectly described.

and for hand-held snaps I judge the sharpness to be completely acceptable.

What you personally find acceptable has nothing whatsoever to do with the objective existence of blur due to shutter shock.

If I get weekend time off from other activities, including shooting for fun and profit, maybe calibrating my pano head for some of the new lenses, etc. I might attach the 75 and tripod mount it as some suggest and look for < 2 pixels total blur in the shots.
I'm playing with the new firmware now, interesting to see if it affects me.

Feel free to spend your weekend as you see fit. As long as you don't confuse your activities with anything worth calling a test, everything is fine.

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