How about a dose of reality on the A7s: This great hands-on blog is exciting

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Of 4K and why you should care

nexlover88 wrote:

great videos. i don't know why people are putting down this camera. 4k isn't practical right now because the files will be so big i'm sure, and it will be a while before we can really take advantage of the 4k resolution. however, how about having the best 1080p videos in the world?? isn't that really exciting?

Let's put this very simply: 4K video is essentially 8MP in each frame. Even if you don't care about 4K video right now, a 4K frame grab can be good enough for many commercial uses as a still.Think taking stills at 60FPS in low light might be cool?  

In addition, there really isn't a lot in the way of 4K video becoming ordinary. The primary issue is really just bandwidth, and that problem will solve itself soon. Beyond that, it's a matter of demand, which will naturally build over time, and you will care about 4K video within 2-3 years. It really doesn't cost much more to build an LCD panel for 4K than for 1080, and 4K makes a nice master for rendering clean 1080 video.

Am I going to run out and buy an A7S? Probably not. However, plenty of folks will, especially if it's priced around $2K -- it's a lot more compelling than Sony's older full-frame video E-mount body. And having this sensor available for other bodies (Sony or other brands) is a game changer....

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