Pana-Leica 25mm f1.4 or Olympus 25mm f1.8?

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CA correction on newer Oly bodies only-

Dave Sanders wrote:

...and if I were to recommend one, I guess it would be the Olympus. Both lenses are sharper than you could hope for so I wouldn't worry about that...your shot technique and post processing will be a far bigger factor. The only optical factor worth taking into consideration is that, if you have an Olympus body, CA will automatically be corrected on the 25/1.8. This is not the case with the PL25 on an Olympus body.

I believe this is true for only the newest Olympus bodies (E-M1 and I think E-M10 as well), previous Olympus bodies did not correct for CA on any lens, Panasonic or Olympus. Pansonic bodies have always corrected for CA with Panasonic lenses.

I was double-checking my reply and saw this post which says the new Oly bodies correct for CA with Panasonic lenses as well-

It may be that the M43 specs allow for Panasonic bodies to correct for CA on Oly lenses which have CA specs embedded in the lens. All Panasonic lenses have CA information in the lenses since their bodies always corrected it. Perhaps now Oly will do the same with all its new lenses.

Perhaps Oly could update their older lenses' firmware with CA data now that their bodies correct for it as well?

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