How to achieve colour consistency when using different papers?

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How to achieve colour consistency when using different papers?

I get different colours when printing on different papers.

The printer I'm using is an Epson SX-125.

Compared to the image on screen I notice the following.

Using glossy, the image acquires a slight colour cast, towards blue, and a loss of contrast.

Making no adjustment to the image's file, printing on normal paper loses the blue cast, if anything now leaning to black, and gives a much higher contrast.

I've never noticed these differences before. If I've had problems in the past I have adjusted brightness/contrast/colour as necessary to get the result I wanted, using just one paper (normal, glossy, super/ultra glossy) and not experimenting with others.

I have often wasted both ink and paper, not to mention time, and find it extremely frustrating.

As far as selecting the type of paper is concerned, in the printer's preferences window, I would have thought that the only difference it makes would be the quantity of ink applied according to a papers' absorbency. Nevertheless, even if that's true it doesn't explain my results.

As a "work-around", I found that making a duplicate of an image file then reducing its contrast by between 20 and 25%, telling the printer that I was using normal paper but using glossy, gave a result which was much more satisfactory.

What, if anything, can I do to ensure more consistent or predictable results when printing a given image on different papers?

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