Nikon D800 for ballet photography?

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Re: Nikon D800 for ballet photography?

mxuer wrote:

Good Morning,

After reading and watching a lot of reviews, I've decided to buy the Nikon D800. In an other thread, someone mentioned that the D800 is more suitable for static objects than moving objects. Apart from portraits and street photography, sometimes I shoot also ballet.

My question is if with the D800 I would be able to shoot moving objects especially in low light conditions.

I tried to shoot ballet last Fri night.... a no go...

After successfully smuggling in my 70/200 in my wife's purse (the V2 was easy in my jacket;

the announcer stated prior to the show, No Photography equipment... (that took care of Iphones)

Not that that would have stopped me, but the show lighting filled the first rows and I would have been seen (and pummeled.....)

In shows like these you need a silent shutter, because your neighbors are unreasonably sensitive (covering your live view also helps).

I went to a US flamenco show and was shooting some and they turned and commented. Jeeze I was at a flamenco show in Spain and they were hustling drinks and I snapped away

Good luck it's not going to be easy. The equipment can handle it... spot meter off the featured dancers


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