I think we need a "versus", or "arguments" or "fanboys" forum

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Re: Do you REALLY think that would make a difference?

GodSpeaks wrote:

Just ignore them. Exit the thread and go read another one. It's far easier than trying to argue with them.

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The greatest of mankind's criminals are those who delude themselves into thinking they have done 'the right thing.'
- Rayna Butler

The problem is when a thread has started off well, with good content and thoughtful replies, and then devolves into a "I'm always right/you're always wrong" tit for tat, "the sky is falling/the sun is shining", laced with vicious vitriol commentary and the real value of the thread is lost forever.  I suppose there are some that feel a true sense of accomplishment when they make a thread die from their immature egos.

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