Fuji Lens caps

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Re: Fuji Lens caps

CrabbyGuy wrote:

I understand that the front caps need replacement. Do the rear caps and body caps also need replacement?

In my opinion, yes, the rear caps need replacement. The Fuji rear caps do not tighten securely enough to stay in place when the lens is being transported in a camera bag.  That was my biggest aggravation with my Fuji lenses on a recent trip.  I replaced all Fuji rear caps with JJC caps, JJC being frequently recommended by people on this forum. The JJC rear caps tighten properly and stay on the lens. Much better than the Fuji supplied ones.

My fav local bricks and mortar store carries JJC, so I purchased there.  B&H doesn't carry them, you can check Amazon & ebay.  I can't comment on the body cap because I've not had need to use it.


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