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Re: Fuji Lens caps

CrabbyGuy wrote:

I understand that the front caps need replacement. Do the rear caps and body caps also need replacement? If so, what sizes for each, please?

Back to the rear caps. I saw a product advertised for Nikon and Canon concerning their rear caps. It was replacement rear caps with the lens model or FL painted on the cap so that you could pull the right lens out easily. (It wouldn't hurt to have good replacement front caps so marked as well.) Has anyone seen this or have a suggestion on how to mark caps neatly for Fuji lenses? (There's a small business opportunity here for someone, IMO.)

Buy a cheap label maker. Once you have one, you'l find a bazillion uses for it all around the house. Besides labeling the rear cap for easy identification in the bag, I label all of my batteries so I can cycle through them as they are used. That way I don't have a couple that get all the use, and others that lay unused for weeks or months. If you're like me, you have a bath tub load of battery chargers for every device imaginable. Label them. No more confusion about what charger goes with what device. I'd be lost without a label maker.

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