How about a dose of reality on the A7s: This great hands-on blog is exciting

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Re: How about a dose of reality on the A7s: This great hands-on blog is exciting

hyenadog wrote:

If you guys actually listen to the Sony presentation on the camera you will see its targetted at a tight niche of professional VIDEOgraphers. A side effect of the sensor configuration "noted" is that the sensor generates still images with high dynamic range and excellent sensitivity in lower light plus the camera is capable of high speed photography.

As far as I can see for 99.99% of people 4k is completely irrelevant, they do not have the storage/CPU medium to process, store or play anything in 4k of any useful length.

The lower light/high speed burst performance is interesting IF true, but there are few if any Sony bright tele AF/OIS lenses to take advantage of it LOL ... in the presentation there is an excellent low light shot of a pole vaulter, and you have to laugh as you need the high iso as the native emount tele lenses are so dark (well actually they dont exist bar a dark kit and video zoom LOL)

It's interesting to note the number of recent non kit emount lenses that are video centric (darker fixed aperture during zooming range)

Interesting video camera though and perhaps some HDR/lowlight/high speed uses for still photographers

Your "LOL" Sony put-down button is in "stuck in the 1980s."

The whole point of making sensors capable of shooting ISO 32,000 that looks like ISO 200 did five years ago is that you can make cameras and lenses smaller and - "dark" only by 30-year-old standards.

Our small NEX and A7/r cameras are proof that you don't need those 1980s-era wide-aperture lenses. A fast 12mpx sensor A7s represents a major step forward for our camera choices.

No one is stopping you from buying an f0.95 lens from the 1980s if you want to still shoot at ISO 200 on a modern ISO 400,000-capable camera.

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