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Re: I really don't understand...

Blaufeld wrote:

As I posted elsewere, I never had troubles with my pre-firmware update E-M1.


After the update I've put the camera on tripod. I shot 18 frames, from 1/60 sec downward to 1/320, alternating the same speed with "Anti Shock 0 sec." and "Anti Shock Off".

Looking at the files at 100%, every one with AS Off had a small but noticeable blur.

My conclusion:

1- SS existed.

2- Firmware update eliminated it

3- My shots are good now as they were before.

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OK, so that tells that there is unwanted vibration in the E-M1. Not in the E-M5. Different deneration of shutters.

Same happened between the PL5 and the PM1

One might even assume that a type of shutter produces a vibration which resonates with the sensor's  vibrating IBIS, at certain frequencies.

I wonder why no shuttershocker ever wrote to O.'s  Setsuno factory, asking the reason for it i.e. sabotage by a slave labour made of a remote isalnd's dwarfs


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