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Re: What is your point?

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Ontario Gone wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

What is the point of denying the existence of possible small blur due to shutter vibrations at certain shutterspeeds?

I'm curious to know your motivations?

I can answer that, if not for all, then for many of them. Because they haven't had any other choice. I have tested my GX7 and it is a bit sharper with E shutter on. Do i care that my shots are a smidge softer when choose to use M shutter? Hell no, because i have an alternative that will fix it and i rarely have to use M shutter. Olympus users don't have that option, and it sucks to have to admit you are stuck with a flaw. Some are more open minded and those are the ones praising the new FW addition. It's no different than the guy who claims his 6 year old camera has noise performance that's just as good as the new gear. People tend to discredit the flaws that threaten the value of their investment.

And another question : why do you think Olmypus did include the 0s antischock option in E-M1s FW 1.3?

Another easy answer. BC shutter shock is real.

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Olympus has already a very effective feature on the E-P5 and E -M1, called short shutter lag. Shutter shock may be real, but definitely suppressed when this feature is activated. I have ran a test with my E-P5 in the range of 1/80 to 1/400 in 1/3 increments, and all the images are pin sharp.

When I test my E-M1 with anti shock set to 0, the sound and vibration levels are no different from when the short shutter lag is enabled. Makes me wonder.

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Well, i have an EM1, and had great hopes with the 'short shutter lag' and the 1/8s delay to solve the SS, but in my case it only improved the images a tiny bit, and in a very randomly way. (again, in MY case)

The best improvement was really the HLD7 grip, turned my images acceptable in the SS range although not completly SS free, and i was prepared to forget about it. Someone in here told me that that was the proof that the problem was my hand holding technique, but guess what, now, without the HLD7 and with the AS-0s i get this: did i suddenly learned how to hold a camera?

To me, whatever it is that this 1.3 firmware did, it works, that's all that matters to me.

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