Need an advice on prime lens for travel

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Give me a break Lumixdude

Lumixdude wrote:

The biggest issue with zoom is that it makes you lazy and so your photos suck because you haven't thought about it. It's the definition of "happy snapping." Instead of thinking about what you're doing you simply take the photo.

I use zooms more often than primes, probably 90% zoom. Go look at my websites and tell me if the pictures "suck" because I have not thought about them. The vast majority of photojournalists, travel photographers, and others shooting on the go use zooms as a mainstay.  National Geographic photographers rely heavily on zooms. I could name a hundred super talented photographers, pros and amateurs, who shoot mostly with zooms. "Happy snapping" is a shooting discipline problem not a lens selection problem. No prime will increase talent, visual perception. or shooting discipline.

Although, when you're only there with a prime and you can't get the exact shot you want, you'll be forced to become a better photographer because, at least in theory, you should begin to think about how you can compose the shot with the element you want still in the frame.

No! Having the best gear for the situation, learning how to use it, carefully selecting and composing subjects is what makes you a better photographer. Not being able to get the composition you want with a prime does not.

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