Best backpack for em-5 and lenses?

Started Apr 7, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best backpack for em-5 and lenses?

El Chubasco wrote:


I'm planing a trip that will involve some hicking and I'm thinking that a backpack will be the way to go.
Any recommendations? I should fit my em-5 and few lenses. A bottle of water will be included too.


If it's just an EM5 and a few lenses, I would just use a normal backpack and grab an insert for the camera/lenses. It's generally cheaper than most camera specific packs (cost of a normal backpack if you don't already own one and some cheap inserts off Amazon), especially if you only need it for one camera and a few lenses of that size. It also gives you some space for other stuff if you need to lug anything else along on a hike (jacket, clothes, snacks, etc.)

Been doing it for a few years now, and works perfectly for me.


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