why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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As i said before

S3ZAi wrote:

ianbrown wrote:

I know this will go down like a led ballon, so I have put my tin hat on and I am ready for the insults, but it has to be said.

I have noticed lately that this forum gets very defensive when someone shares perhaps what's perceived as a negative opinion on a particular camera.

I admit I am a gear head, but I also take thousands of photographs all over the world and although I have had many cameras it doesn't give people the right to be rude.

I don't understand why "some people" who have nothing to add the the thread in question to give a barrage of insults, why don't they just ignore the post.

Forums are for help, healthy debate and discussion points and fan boys should resist making derogatory comments.

I really don't get why people are so defensive about a brand of camera.

Brand loyalty is nice but it shouldn't be at the expense of insulting others who may share a different opinion.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but I am sick of "some people" spouting off with opinionated views that border on insulting people, after all it's only a camera! just because it's not the one you own doesn't give anyone the right to attack other forum members.

However the vast majority are very helpful and give good advise, and they are worth there weight in gold.


I understand exactly what you mean. I wrote something quite positive a few months back about the a7r and got many many likes and many positive reactions. Then came the news the a7r wasn't weather sealed as promised, then came the news the 14bit files were actually 11+7bits, then came the news of sony already working on next a7 models. So I felt let down and wrote something quite critical. Except a few knowledgeable people everyone took it the wrong way and I felt I got literally bullied away by the majority of people.

Also, I don't think complaining abouit it will ever help, I have seen many people complaining during the last few years, it's just something that keeps going on. So I have looked around for some other, friendly sources of info and decided to leave this place. No need for idiots in my life. But here I am again, after the new announcement yesterday I was curious what people were thinking about the whole thing. And here I see nothing has really changed. Oh well, nothing one can do about other people's behaviour, right?...

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regarding insults/attacks ect there is a complain system for it or you can contact a moderator.

A moderator is not reading all posts, thats why there is a complain system.

believe me the number of complains is low, sure things can be improved regarding certain behavior but you need to understand this only can be accomplished with help from forum members.

Also i think we all might expect Adult/ Mature behaviour and respect towards others.

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