Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: the Df has the same lame AF engine as the D7000

antoineb wrote:

brianric wrote:

I was shooting a Relay for Life last night to 6 AM this morning at a local college and decided to use my Df. I had it set up for flash, AF-C single point, center point, focus priority. The Df struggled to lock focus in what I would consider in light, while low, not all that bad. I had to switch to AF-S, and the red AF-assist illuminator in order to lock focus. When I had a small break in the action I replaced the Df with my D800. With the same initial setup the D800 nailed the focus instantaneously 100% of the time.

Hi brianric,

as a D800 owner I'm sure you're aware of the differences in specs! The D800 has a solid AF engine, whereas the Df uses the same AF engine as the D7000.

I own a D7000 and the fact is that not only is this AF engine not that great for ultimate precision even in good light, but more importantly it is not very sensitive and thus will often fail to lock focus altogether even when light levels are not that low. In my initial days with that camera I got sometimes quite unnerved that one of my pocketable superzooms would lock focus easily in light levels where the much more expensive D7000 utterly failed.

So I guess the Df performs as per the lowly AF engine that Nikon decided to put inside it.

Now my question is, why would anyone use a sensor from the great D4, and couple this with a lame AF engine especially when FX is even more sensitive than DX due to shallower DOF and that AF engine already wasn't that great on the DX cameras it first appeared on? Perhaps this allowed a saving of 50 bucks? For what purpose? To make sure the Df wouldn't cannibalise other models? Too bad.

Actually, the Df uses the AF system from the D600. In comparing both the D600 and the Df to the D7000, both have much surer and more confident AF in a smaller area (which you expect given the difference in sensor size). In any event - the performance of the D7000 is no guide to the performance of any of the D600/610/Df

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