Sony RX10. Pixel size and noise are holding me back from buying

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Re: Yes, about matching the 2.8 lens on quiet zooms in m4/3.

Corkcampbell wrote:

I agree with the financial advantage of avoiding buying the two Pany or Oly 2.8 zooms that cover about the same range and are good for video, as well as weathersealed. I have both Oly and Pany cameras, but use GH2s and GH3 for most shooting so I would have gone with the Pany lenses - getting the RX10 saved me about $900-1000, and I found other, surprising things about the RX10 that made it a more than excellent purchase. Surprisingly, the quality of video often matches (or surpasses?) that of my GH3 - I think that this site's review also mentioned something like that.

So, instead of adding to my m4/3 gear, I may be selling some of it. Only negative (as mentioned in an earlier post) is the 29 minute recording limit of the RX10 - I will probably keep a GH3 and a couple of lenses for those times.

I also have to concur. I currently have the G5 and G6 with a variety of lenses including the 14-140mm f3.5, Panasonic 14mm f2.5, Oly 25mm f1.8 and Oly 45mm f1.8. I seriously considered the f2.8 35-100mm Panasonic lens and then came across the RX10.

I have been simply amazed by the Image and Video quality of the RX10 and will also be selling some of my Micro 4/3 gear. In my humble opinion the only time the Micro 4/3 compete with the RX10 is when you attach prime lenses and even then in most cases its very close.

If you want an all in one camera that is great for stills and video the RX10 is in my view the best value by far.

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