Sold my DSLR and just got GM1

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Re: GM1 is an addiction

AndyMulhearn wrote:


AF micro adjust I've only ever used on a Sigma lens. The 400L and 70-200L I use are spot on out of the box. What are you using that needs adjustment?

Indeed, the Sigma 24-70/2.8 is the worst. AF micro-adjust doesn't quite fix it, because the shift is different depending on subject distance. Another problem child with which I have a love-hate relationship is the Canon 50L f/1.2. When the focus is spot-on in with the lens fully open, the results can be spectacular. But the focus is so often off by just enough to make it impossible to do enlargements that it can be really trying on your patience. AF microadjust has helped a bit (though, in my experience, the optimal adjustment appears to be different depending on the lighting level), but there really is a random component that you just can't get rid off (I remember reading a good piece by Roger Cicala about this). Trying to switch to CDAF to get perfect AF accuracy in the 5DIII is a bit of a joke, given how excruciatingly slow it is.

For me to consider switching back to m4/3 I would need:

  1. AF performance equivalent to a 7D or 1D mk III,
  2. Handling equivalent to the 7D - ergonomics and usability,
  3. IQ that I can see is equivalent to the 7D or better
  4. Price to come down. The price of the top of the line Olympus is ridiculous. I could get two 7Ds or a 5D mk III for not much more and have something that far better suits my needs.

Once that happens then I may be a customer...

For your uses, I think the cameras are pretty much ready to do what you need (EM1 and GH4), but the MFT lens lineup (while great in the wide, normal, and short tele ranges) is still almost non-existent in the super-tele range (other than a couple of slow zooms).

As for cost, you can get very reasonable prices for MFT gear if you're a bit patient, but the most recent top-of-range stuff does tend to be priced on the high side.

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